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An ingrown nail is the result of a nail growing into the skin that surrounds it.  This usually happens in the big toe but may happen in smaller toes too.  This is usually caused by trimming the sides of your toenails too deep or from tight fitting shoes that rub against the toe.  

Ingrown nails may cause pain at the tip of the toe or all the way to the base of the toe.  The pain is worse when walking.  The ingrown toenail can get inflamed or even infected.  Infection can lead to a more serious condition and if you have Diabetes or other medical problems you need to be seen the SAME DAY.


While antibiotic pills and ointment may help, just trimming back the side of the nail may work but many times the toenail has grown into the skin.  The only way to remove the ingrown portion is for you to be numb.  The doctor numbs your toe, removes the ingrown nail sliver, and puts medicine in your toe to prevent the sliver from growing back.  We have a Post Op Nail Kit for you to take home which has everything you need to get better.  This Kit speeds your healing.

This procedure is covered under most insurances.

For anyone that does not have health insurance:

Special arrangements can be made.

Ingrown toenail / infection can be prevented by:

  • Trimming toenails straight across with no rounded corners.
  • Ensuring that shoes and socks are not too tight.

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